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5 Tips for a Healthy Relationship During Your Engagement


Last week we met with an amazing couple while we were at an event. They loved the experience we created, and we instantly connected with them on their wedding vision. At the end of the night, they scheduled their complimentary consultation with us, and we could not wait to help them plan their wedding. A few days go by, and when we reached out to confirm their consultation we found out the sad news that they had called off their engagement. As shocking as it may sound, it happens more often than you might think. It is reported that about 20% of engagements are called off each year. The reality is that planning a wedding is a stress-inducing time for many couples. Factor in tension with families, expensive purchases, and thoughts of how big of a milestone this is and you've got a recipe for a relationship disaster. The gravity of it all can make even strong couples break, which is why it is important to know the top 5 tips for keeping your relationship healthy during your engagement.

Tip #1: Find out the source- If you read our blog last week, then this tip may sound familiar to you. However, it is equally as important to find the source of issues arising in your relationship. Once you and your fiance take the time to see what the problem is tied to on both sides, then you can decide as a unit what options are available to alleviate those issues and get back on track to a happy engagement.

Tip #2: Don't bottle it up- Communicating is an important part of every healthy relationship, but it is particularly crucial throughout your engagement. Whether that is talking about wedding finances upfront or discussing feeling overwhelmed as your wedding day approaches, it is important to always respect your partner through thoughtful, open communication.

Tip #3: Take a break from planning- Wedding planning can cause serious stress for couples. Taking the time to step away and just enjoy some one on one time together can make all of the difference in the longevity and quality of your relationship. Whether it's 30 minutes each day to de-stress or a weekly date night to blow off some steam, taking a break from planning is a must!

Tip #4: Pre-marital counseling- For many couples, planning their wedding is the first time they have planned an event of this magnitude, so dealing with the stress it brings is not something they are ready for. Having a trusted professional can help prepare you for the future, help equip you with tools to better your relationship, and create a strong foundation heading into your marriage.

Tip #5: Don't take each other for granted- In the midst of the chaos, don't forget to cherish each other. Remember, there is a reason that you both have made it this far in your relationship. There are good things about each of you individually and as a couple, and it is important to take the time to celebrate and recognize that.

We hope these 5 tips help keep your relationship healthy during your engagement! For more tips on keeping your relationship healthy throughout your engagement, schedule your complimentary consultation at 661-257-1725 or

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