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4 Ways to Stay on Track With Your Wedding Planning in Quarantine

Bride and groom virtual wedding in quarantine

As a first time bride or groom, your wedding is probably one of the biggest (if not the biggest) event you have planned to date. Between creating the guest list, maximizing your budget, finding the right vendors, and everything else that comes with planning your wedding... it isn't hard to see why everyone says being engaged is so stressful.

Now through Covid-19 and quarantine into the mix.

In such an unprecedented time, having a to-do list to keep you and your fiance on track can be extremely helpful. That is why we created this blog with 4 ways to stay on track with your wedding planning in quarantine.

#1. Work on your wedding playlist

From your ceremony music to the last song that plays at your reception, many of the monumental moments of your wedding are amplified by the songs you pick to accompany them. Now is the perfect time to listen to popular and unique options for the processional, cocktail hour, garter toss, and all of the music in between. If you are

looking for a great place to start, we have blogs on wedding processional songs you'll love, alternatives to the bouquet/garter toss, and much more on our blog.

#2. Write your vows

Let's face it, there is a lot of pressure that comes with writing your own vows. You want it to be sweet and meaningful, but sometimes you just can't find the words. After working with our couples for many years, we have found that some of the best vows come from just sitting down and letting the words flow. Don't worry about it having to be perfect from the get-go. Just focus on getting as much of it down on paper and then re-visiting it over the next couple of weeks/months to tweak it to perfection.

#3. Select items for your registry

In the midst of food tastings, checking up on RSVPs, and managing the guest list, some of the fun of registering for items for your home can often get lost in the mix. However, these are items you will be opening on your honeymoon, that will make memories in your newlywed bliss, and will help build your home together. Therefore, take the time in quarantine to really find pieces that you and your fiance love.

#4. Pick your wedding party's attire

Today, brides and grooms have set the standard of using their wedding party's attire to add a unique element to their wedding style. A few years back, we saw a lot of groomsmen having fun with their socks and the lining on their suits. Now, brides and grooms have taken those unique flares a step further with mix-matched wedding party attire that really adds some fun to their wedding photos. Pinterest is a great place to start for inspiration of what you want from your wedding party's attire.

We hope these wedding planning in quarantine to'do's help you and your fiance stay on track for your upcoming wedding. If you have any questions or would like to check our availability, please give us a call at 661-257-1725 or shoot us an email at

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