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The "Top 3" Wedding Planning Hack

Did you know that 40% of couples say that they found wedding planning to be "very" or "extremely" stressful?

Yikes! To help you and your fiance have an enjoyable wedding planning experience, we are going to share with you a little J&M secret that has been helping couples for years.

Plus, did we mention that it will create the wedding you want while also sticking to your budget?

(Yeah, it is that good!),

All you have to do, it implement the "Top 3" wedding hack.

At it's core, the "Top 3" wedding hack is designed to help couples focus on the vendors that can deliver the look and experience they want and structuring their wedding planning/budget around that. Here is how to start:

1. Close your eyes and envision your dream wedding. What do you see? (This might be a ceremony with an ocean view, a huge food display for all of your self-proclaimed foodie family, or a packed dance floor with all of your loved ones).

2. Once you have spent some time envisioning your wedding, ask yourself what you want you and your guests to say and feel after your wedding is over. (Maybe you want them to marvel over the decor, think it was the best wedding ever because of the venue, or have their feet hurt from all of the dancing).

Now all you have to do is select your top 3 wedding vendor categories and delegate your budget accordingly!

So if your vision in the first question involved a jaw-dropping ceremony in the mountains, catering from the restaurant you and your fiance had your first date at, and a DJ that keeps your guests on the dance floor until 2am, then you would want to focus on the venue, the caterer, and the DJ.

If your vision is an intimate destination ceremony overlooking the ocean with your closest friends and family, then the location, travel, and accommodations might be your top 3 focuses.

By using the "Top 3" wedding hack, you will be able to solidify your vision, use your budget effectively, and select the wedding professionals who will deliver the wedding experience you want. For more wedding planning advice for your wedding specifically, schedule your complimentary consultation today!

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