Event Lighting

Lighting can impact the emotion of every special event. Be impactful.


We are passionate about creating events that reflect the mood, the intention and the story, in a way that is memorable.




Elegant Up Lighting
Uplighting, Gobo, Textured Lights
Teal blue lighting at Vibianas
Truss Pillars with uplights
Pink Purple Uplighting with Pin Spot
Up Lighting & Pin Spot Centerpiece
Purple Uplighting Wash
Amber Textured Lighting
Uplights, Gobo, Texture

Uplighting is the most impactful way to transform a room.

You can select from a variety of standard or custom colors to support your theme.

We also offer battery powered lights perfect for outdoor events or venues with insufficient power.

Although pictures speak volumes, lighting is best seen in person. We have a showroom to show you all the options available to you. Come see our Party Room!

Pin Spot Lighting

Centerpiece Pin Spot
Ballroom & Centerpiece Pin Spot
Centerpiece Pin Spots (Hyatt Valencia)
Cake Spot
Cake Spot
Elegant Cake Spotlight

Pin Spot Lighting 

Pin Spot lighting can highlight everything from centerpieces to cakes to food displays.

Using Pin Spot lighting highlights the beauty of your centerpieces as they are an important element of your decor.


Remember when you darken a room to accent the walls with Uplighting, the center of the room becomes dark. Using Pin Spot Lighting keeps your centerpieces out of the dark.

Custom Gobo's & Textured Patterns

Gobo on  wood dance floor
Gobo on drapery
Gobo on Rock Wall
Spotlight with Gobo
Gobo behind Sweetheart Table
Texture on Dance floor with Gobo
Gobo at Manhattan Beach Marriott
Sweetheart Gobo with Uplights
Textured Dance Floor with Gobo

Custom Name in Lights 

We can create a custom design with names, initials or a specific image that promotes your theme.


Textured Patterns

Give your reception added elegance and dimension with textured pattern gobos.  You can choose from elegant stock patterns like leaves, snowflakes, damask, etc. or order a pattern that fits closer to your event theme.


Market Lighting

Market Lighting Winery
Market Lighting w/ Chinese Lanterns
Market Lights Outdoor Dinner
Market Lighting Winery Barrel Room
Market Lighting Outdoor Reception
Market Lighting Cityscape
Market Lighting Ambiance
Market Lighting Fundraiser
Fish Eye Market Lights

Market Lighting

Whether you call it Market lighting, Bistro lighting, Italian lighting or Cafe lighting, this is an excellent way to enhance the theme of your event.  Although usually used for outdoor events, Market lighting can also be used to add decor and ambiance for an indoor event space.

Creative Lighting Options

FirstDance on Clouds Mandalay Oxnard
Multiple Chandelier
Vibiana Textured Ceiling
Tent with Chandelier & Round dance floor
Chandelier for any occasion
Truss Pillars with spandex covers & Moving heads
Texture on Dance Floor
Tent Lighting with Chandelier
Chandelier and Draping, Chuppah

Entertainment Lighting

Whether you need dance lighting to fill your dance floor area, a spotlight to highlight your first dance, or club lighting for your after party, we have all the lighting ideas and solutions to help you create an amazing event!