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Staging & Decor

Surround yourself with details...


The beauty of an event is in the details.  Transform any space into your vision using drapery, custom lounge furniture, unique dance floors, beautiful chandeliers...any detail you can imagine, we can create it.






Are you looking for a way to transfrom your event space?  A great way to create an elegant environment (or to just cover up the not so on-trendy wallpaper) is by draping your area.


You can choose to drape your entire room or just the wall behind your sweetheart table, stage or other preferred focal point.  With creative Pargola draping, you can transform an ordinary gazebo into a gorgeously draped and eye-catching cabana. Draping can also serve as a dynamic backdrop for uplighting and custom gobos.


Lounge Furniture


Custom Lounge Furniture 

Create a comfortable lounge area for your guests to relax and mingle during your event.  The right lounge furniture can help create that warm, welcoming, intimate feel or that fun, trendy, VIP lounge that you want your guests to experience.  We offer various types of lounge furniture including: love seats, chairs, sofas, custom bars, ottomans, coffee tables and cocktail tables.

Dance Floors


Dance Floors

Imagine your first dance as you glide across a smooth, seamless, white dance floor. Enhance your event theme by choosing a dance floor that adds to your theme and adds to the ambiance. 


We can help you with beautiful, elegant and unique dance floors that enhance your theme or personalize it with your own monogram. Whether it's a wooden dance floor for a rustic theme, a white circular dance floor for a luxurious wedding, or a light-up LED dance floor, we have the right fit for your space and mood.




Staging is a term that refers to creating a space that brings your guests into a new world.  


Do you want to create a romantic, luxurious wedding in an outdoor space?  Add items like crystal chandelieres, a white tuffeted stage for your sweetheart table, or cascades of draping.  


We offer various unique options to create any reception space you can dream of.

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