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What if there is a natural disaster on your wedding day?

The day was finally here- wedding day! Sam had been dreaming of this day for the past 9 months. She got out of bed, brushed her teeth, and washed her face before heading into the kitchen to make her first cup of coffee for the day. As she waited for her coffee, she opened up her Facebook and her heart immediately sunk.

A massive fire had broken out across Southern California.

Houses were evacuated, freeways were closed, and traffic jams had spilled over into all of the side streets as the entire city of Los Angeles turned into a gridlock. A drive that would normally take 30 minutes would take 5 hours. A day that was perfectly planned out was now in scrambles.

Fortunately, Sam had done her research and hand picked a fantastic team of solution-oriented wedding vendors from the venue and coordinator to the floral and lighting team.

You see, there are hundreds of wedding professionals who do the same "stuff." All DJ companies play music, all caterers have food, and all floral teams have flowers. However, not all wedding professionals have the ability to thrive in catastrophic situations. The reality is that unpredictable things can happen on your wedding day regardless of that amount of planning you do. (Like that one time the sprinklers went off and soaked everything at the reception! You can read that story here).

But because Sam took the time to really get to know her team and had full trust in their extensive experience, she could focus on enjoying her wedding morning the way she dreamed it.

Are your wedding vendors prepared to do the same?

Read more real life wedding stories on our blog here, or contact us today at 661-257-1725.

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