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Wedding Traditions to Leave in 2019

From speeches to vows and cakes to first dances, there are a set of traditions that can make each wedding feel the same as the next.

While wedding traditions can be romantic, many of today's couples want their weddings to be personalized and an experience that is totally them. Which is why we completely believe that you shouldn't be pressured into fitting in a formality that just isn't you.

Here are wedding traditions to consider leaving in 2019. (Plus, fun alternatives to replace them!).

1. Skip table touches- Spending 30-60 seconds at each table to say hello to each of your guests sounds like a good idea in theory. However, it always takes longer than you anticipate and can cut into the dancing portion of the evening.

If you are looking for a fun way to quickly say hello to each of your guests, then consider meeting them at the buffet line. You and your new spouse can stand at the beginning of the line, say hello to each guest, and hand them their plates. Not only is it a sweet gesture, but it also will be more efficient because your guests are ready to eat!

Table Touches at Los Angeles Wedding

Image from J&M Entertainment

2. Chicken, Fish, or Vegetarian- Standard meal options, like chicken, fish, or vegetarian, are another wedding staple that a lot of couples are skipping.

Instead, they are opting for more experiential choices. This can include everything from passed o'dourves and beautiful charcuterie boards to creative cuisines and late night snacks.

In-N-Out Truck at Los Angeles Quince

Image from J&M Entertainment

3. Standard gift registries- In previous decades it was custom to fill the wedding registry with gifts for the home (think everything from towels to silverware). However, with today's generation getting married later in life and likely living together beforehand, it is rare that their most coveted wish is for home supplies.

Instead, many couples today are opting for cash for home upgrades or travel.

Travel Fund at Wedding

Image from Pinterest

4. Skip cocktail hour- Did you know that WeddingWire reported nearly 50% of couples do a first look before the ceremony? For couples who are choosing to see each other beforehand, they have a great opportunity to take their pictures before their guests arrive. This allows for a seamless transition from ceremony to reception.

Instead of having a cocktail hour, opt for an extra hour of reception time for dancing!

Los Angeles Wedding Reception

Image from J&M Entertainment

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