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DJs & Host MCs

At the end of your event, what do you want your guests to say?


"Best wedding ever! It has been a few months since my wedding and I am still getting calls that it was the best wedding ever! Would recommend to anyone!! Thank you J&M!!!"                                                                               -Erin & Vince Parra      

Yorba Linda, CA         


If these are the comments you want to hear about your wedding, quinceañera, holiday party or celebration, ask yourself, which of your vendors will have the most impact on your guests making these comments?

Host MC


Host MCs


Our wedding Host MCs will take the time to get to know you and create magical moments that are completely about you. Whether it's your first dance, your father daughter dance or 400 guests all having the best time on the dance floor, our Host MCs know how to use creative methods to engage all of your guests and make sure that no one feels left out. 

DJ / MCs




Prior to your Wedding our DJ and Host MC will meet with you to plan your reception from the itinerary to the music. By getting to know you and understanding your preferences, our performers can ensure your wedding day will be done your way.





Not all events are the same. Some events are very casual and do not require any formal announcements.  For the client that wants a FUN event with great music to keep everyone dancing, we offer DJ only services.  Our masterful DJs have the mixing skills and music knowledge to keep everyone at your event on the dance floor.   

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