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2020 Wedding Trends You'll Actually Love

As 2019 comes to a close, it is time to look ahead to all of the incredible 2020 weddings to come! Here are some wedding trends we are sure you'll love for weddings in 2020 and beyond.

1. Statement Veil- When Hailey Beiber debuted her "Till Death Do Us Part" veil, we knew there was a wedding trend in the making. In a few short weeks there were pictures surfacing all over the internet from brides and couples engraving special quotes, song lyrics, and fun sayings on their veil. We predict many couples will incorporate this fun and inexpensive way to personalize their wedding day in a meaningful way.

2. Self-Service Bar- Another wedding trend we have been seeing more and more is the self-service bar. Initially this trend popped up on the bridal shower scene with lots of fun mimosa bars, but now this trend has made its way into weddings as well. Whether it is a fun make your own drink bar, a custom beer draft wall, or a signature drink station, self-service bars are another big trend in weddings today.

3. Customized Menus- Couples today are very thoughtful of everyone's food allergies and lifestyles. Therefore, days of standard chicken or veggie meals are long gone. Instead, couples are crafting inclusive menus that are made with their guests in mind.

4. Statement Lighting- No longer is lighting an after thought for the reception. Lighting is now the key decor component that transforms the venue into the experience the couples want. "Reception Reveals" are also on the rise, where the couples have a moment together when the room is unveiled to them. The "WOW" factor is crucial to this trend.

5. Matching Jackets- Although brides and grooms today are still opting for the mix-match/choose-your-own-style trend, one thing they are staying uniform on is the accessories- like jackets!

We hope these ideas inspired you for your own wedding! For more wedding ideas and for help planning yours, contact our team at 661-257-1725 or

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