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3 Steps to Reduce your Wedding Planning Stress

3 steps to reduce your wedding planning stress

The moment you have always dreamed of was somehow even more perfect than you could've ever imagined. Like it was in slow motion, you saw the love of your life get down on one knee, ask you one of the most important questions you'll ever answer, and only one word came to mind: "YES!" Flash forward a few months to constant questioning about your wedding plans, stacks of unpaid wedding balances, and tension between family members over who should and shouldn't be invited to your wedding... Now the only word that is coming to your mind is "ENOUGH!" Did you know that 80% of couples report experiencing extreme stress while planning their wedding? Here are the 3 must know steps to reducing your wedding stress and enjoying your engagement.

Step #1: Understand your stress- The first step to reducing stress is understanding where it is coming from. For some couples the stress comes from sources like conflict with family members, struggles with the guest list, or going over budget. Taking the time to understand the source of your stress will allow you to decide what the most effective next step is.

Step #2: Delegate- Often it can seem like all of the wedding to-dos fall on your shoulders alone, but it is important to delegate! Ask your wedding party, close family members, and trusted wedding professionals to help take tasks off your plate and reduce the stress you are feeling.

Step #3: Self-Care- When you are stressed, self-care falls off the priority list because it seems like there is no time. However, it is important for your mental and physical health that you spend some time with yourself and fiance away from wedding planning. (This also goes for time with friends and family!). This will allow you to recenter and focus on what's important.

The reality is that feeling some stress around your wedding is normal. However, with these tips you can reduce the unnecessary stress and get back to enjoying your engagement. For more tips on reducing your stress, schedule your complimentary consultation!

We are so confident that we can help you on your wedding planning journey that we will give you a $25 Starbucks gift card at your consultation, even if you do not end up booking us that day for your wedding!

"Our first meeting and our stress levels have already dropped with all his great directions of how to make our wedding amazing, and that's exactly what it was, AMAZING." - Kady W. "We finalized the details, and all that we needed left to do was simply show up. When working with J&M, you get so much more than music, lights, and film, you get a custom, curated event backed by industry professionals who bring decades of experience to execute your night flawlessly." - John I. "He assisted us in planning the timing of the reception, music selection, and every detail that made the night. Please make J&M the first choice in your DJ, MC, and Lighting search." - Michael R.

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