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5 Tips for planning your Los Angeles Wedding

#1. The "California Seasons"

I know what you may be thinking... California has seasons?! Even with the seemingly endless promise of sunshine and no rain, there are some "California Seasons" to consider when planning your wedding in Los Angeles. First, is that wedding peak season is different in Los Angeles. According to WeddingWire, over the past couples of years the most popular months to get married in have officially switched to September and October in Los Angeles. While this isn't a surprise since September and October tend to have a break from the near unbearable heat that the summer brings, it has added benefits like avoiding June Gloom and the sometimes unpredictable weather throughout the spring time. All of this is important to consider when planning your wedding in Los Angeles since it will effect availability, price, and options for your wedding.

#2. Consider the date

With Los Angeles being the epicenter of film, award shows, and the like, it is a must when planning your wedding in Los Angeles to consider events like The Oscars, Academy Awards, Cochella, Los Angeles County Fair, etc. All are large events that will play a role in traffic and availability for you and your guests.

#3. Know what you want

Los Angeles is home to a variety of different types of wedding venues. Before you jump on Google and spiral into wedding madness, take a step back and think about what you envision for your wedding. Do you see your wedding being a lavish and elegant rooftop party with an incredible DJ? A whimsical and woodsy wonderland surrounded by beautiful oaks and endless flowers? A causal and relaxed wedding on the beach with your closest friends? The options are endless! Once you find your vision, you can then research the type of wedding venues and vendors that you want to work with that can create that wedding experience.

#4. Logistics matter

Los Angeles is known for its lack of parking and serious traffic problems. If you are having guests come in from out of town, especially if a sizable amount of your guests list is, then you want to consider logistics of your venue. For example, is there parking available for your guests? Is the venue going to be hard to find for someone who doesn't know the area? Will they be driving their in rush hour on the way to your ceremony?

#5. Use your resources

If you are starting to feel overwhelmed or are unsure about which vendors you can trust, use your resources! For example, even if you have only hired one wedding vendor, ask them for their referrals. Your wedding vendors have been in the business, worked with plenty of wedding professionals along the way, and should have suggestions for wedding professionals who can create the vision you have for your wedding. Another idea is to use the resource of reviews! What better way to predict your experience on your wedding day with the vendors you are researching than by seeing what couples who were in your shoes have to say!

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