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J&M Myth-Busters Part Three: "I Don't Have A Budget Yet."

Did you know that the "M" in J&M Entertainment stands for Myth-buster?!

Okay, so maybe that is not what the "M" stands for, but that did not stop us from taking on the task of de-bunking wedding myths that often creep into the ears of couples while planning their wedding. Each week we have been rolling out some of the most common wedding myths we hear in the industry, and this week we are going to be focusing on the phrase "I don't have a budget yet."

Let's start this blog by addressing the fact that weddings cost money! Couples obviously are aware of this because one of the first questions (if not THE first question) is about price. And it is expected that the response to that question is 100% transparent regarding the cost of their services. However, when the question is flipped and the vendor asks for a budget amount from the couple, it is often met with "we do not have a budget yet."

Now that we have laid the groundwork, it is time for the juicy stuff!


Before we move on, let's go over a real life example of this situation in practice. Say you call a wedding invitation designer to inquire about their services for your wedding. After speaking with them for a few minutes, you ask how much it would cost for them to design your dream wedding invitations, and they respond, "$75,000 for 200 invitations." What would your response be?

A. Speechless from sticker shock.

B. Book them immediately!

C. Politely tell them I'm not interested.

D. Ignore all of their follow up e-mails/calls until they give up.

Regardless of what your response would be, this situation shows that you do in fact have a budget in mind for your wedding, and probably even a budget for each service. The reality is that vendors in each wedding category can range from a couple hundred dollar difference to thousands of dollars because each vendor is going to price their services based on their value.

One of the most important points we can stress in this situation is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with telling a vendor that you inquired with that their price is too high or providing them the amount that you were hoping to work with. Establishing a rough idea of your budget early on the in planning process is absolutely crucial to creating your perfect wedding team.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of de-bunking myths in the wedding industry. For more wedding insights and advice, contact us today at 661.257.1725 or We look forward to hearing from you!

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