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The #1 Secret Tip To Picking Your Wedding Photographer & Tips Along The Way

"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away" - Eudora Welty

Your wedding day is one of the most magical, emotional, and monumental days you will ever experience. Sprinkled with memories that you want to last a lifetime, the photographer you choose will capture and preserve them in time for you to look back on for the many years to come. No pressure at all to pick the right photographer, right? Actually, choosing the photographer is one of the most highly rated stress-inducing decisions when planning a wedding. That is why we have gathered our top tips and have even included the #1 secret to picking your wedding photographer!

Tip #1: See What You Like

If you want to save a lot of time and stress in your journey to finding your perfect wedding photographer, first take a look around and see what you like. Scroll through Pinterest, look at the websites of wedding photographers in your area, and attend local bridal shows to see what style you like (i.e. dramatic portraits, bright and airy shots, soft and romantic edits). Finding the style you like will allow you to focus on the photographers who specialize in what you love for your special day.

Tip #2: Get To Know Them

Now that you know what style you are looking for, meet with the photographer one-on-one to connect with them. Once you have shared your visions for your wedding day, do not forget to ask them questions as well (i.e. How did they develop a passion for photography? What is their favorite part about weddings? How have you averted last minute crisis situations?). Getting to know them is crucial since you will be spending the majority of your wedding day with them, and working with them before and after the big day.

Tip #3: Do Your Research

Don't just take it from the photographer, listen to their clients! Reviews and recommendations are such an amazing tool when selecting your wedding photographer because you get to hear the honest feedback from couples who were in the same position that you are now!

Tip #4: Price

Price plays a huge role in selecting your wedding photographer. However, it is important to remember that although price is what you pay, value is what you get. Make sure to look at all of the packages available and see what is included in each. Even if one photographer is cheaper, you may not get as many edits, a wedding album, or enough hours. Make sure to set a budget while also being open to what different packages have to offer.

And now for the big reveal...

Look at an entire wedding they shot from start to finish.

Viewing a wedding photographer's portfolio is a great way to see how they captured each couple's special bond, check out their editing style, and see their best work from their years of experience. However, if you really want to see if they are a right fit for you, spend your time looking through one wedding from start to finish. Think about it, most photographers showcase their best work from all of the different weddings they have done. However, you do not get to see if the other 800 plus pictures are just as good. After all, you do not just want one amazing picture and rest to flop.

We hope these tips help you on your journey to finding your perfect wedding photographer!

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