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Top 4 Ways To Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Let's be honest, your wedding is not just about you and your fiance...

Think about it. You are not picking the perfect venue, selecting a delicious menu, and meticulously planning your wedding day for your guests to be bored and go home early. If you want your guests to feel taken care of while also thanking them for buying you a gift, taking time off work, and spending your special day with you then keep them entertained! Here are the top 4 ways to entertain your guests on your special day (so that you do not have to do all the work and can just enjoy your wedding!)

Tasty Tastings- Whether your wedding crowd is filled with craft beer fans, wine drinkers, or liquor lovers, set up a tasting for your guests to put a twist on the typical cocktail hour! Not only will this make your wedding incredibly unique, it will also keep your guests entertained and having fun while you relax and enjoy taking all of your beautiful photography pictures as newlyweds!

Cultural Entertainment- Incorporating performances that reflect your heritage and culture is always a great way to keep your guests entertained while also making them feel included. Cultural entertainment can greet your guests when they arrive to your wedding, entertain them during cocktail hour, or welcome them into the reception. Adding this element of entertainment will personalize the wedding to you and your family, and also make it stand out from the standard wedding entertainment.

Food For All- To ensure that all of your guests are entertained throughout the wedding, feed them! After all, all of the entertainment in the world does not work on an empty stomach. Having appetizers during the cocktail hour (like mini bruschetta) or fun mid-night snacks (like grilled cheese with tomato soup shots) for the reception are a great idea to make sure that your guests never stop having fun.

Fun DJ/MC- Having a fun DJ/MC is crucial to how entertained your guests are throughout the evening. The right DJ/MC can read the crowd's vibe, conduct fun interactives, make sure everyone is included, take requests from your guests, and most of all create a fun environment! They are also crucial to your guests staying on the dance floor instead of leaving before the night is over.

We hope you enjoyed these tips on how to entertain your wedding guests! Contact us today for more ideas on how we can make your wedding everything that you and your guests deserve.

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