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How To Glam Up Your Wedding: 2017 Edition

One of our favorite wedding themes is GLAM! However, creating one that is seamless, elegant, and does not cost an arm and leg is not always easy. Here are our top tips for how to glam up your wedding in 2017:

White Dance Floor- Although the dance floor color may seem superfluous, it is actually seen quite a bit throughout the night. It is often close to the sweetheart table, which is a focal point, and is seen the entire reception before the dancing starts. Glam is immediately added to your wedding by switching out an old, brown dance floor with a clean, white one.

Lighting- If this under the sea theme brought to life by lighting does not convince you, we do not know what will! Lighting can take boring walls and flat decor and transform the space entirely. It transforms the atmosphere of the room and really adds that element of glam to the ceremony or reception.

Unique Furniture- Banquet tables and chiavari chairs are very popular (and for good reason!) but if you want the glam, switch it up!

Whether you want to add some glam to the ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception, adding unique furniture takes your wedding to the next level and makes your wedding stand out.

Low Flow Clouds- One of the most memorable ways to glam up your reception is to start it off by dancing on the clouds. This unique wedding element is the epitome of glam, and adding the low flow to special moments that you know you want to be photographed will preserve the glam forever.

Drapery- Drapery can be used in a multitude of different ways to glam up the wedding space. Is there an ugly wall that you want covered? Or maybe some added decor and glam behind your sweetheart table? Trust us, drapery is the way to go to ensure that glam is added to your special day.

We hope you enjoyed these tips on 2017's edition of how to glam up your wedding. For more information on how to glam up your wedding, contact us today! Here at J&M Entertainment, we are proud to be your best wedding resource!

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