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Do You Really Need A Wedding Coordinator?

Think about it... Do you need to be convinced that there should be an officiant

and venue? Or convinced of having some form of entertainment for your guests or

special attire to wear on your special day? Of course not! Then why is it that

wedding planners often have to convince couples that they need their service?

As a wedding professional, we know that couples become wedding experts the

day after their wedding, which is why we share all of our information and knowledge with you. (And so you can have the wonderful wedding day that you deserve!). Here are

some of the top "myths" we hear and our advice:

Myth #1: I do not need a wedding planner because I can easily handle everything on my own. Our Advice: The wedding is often a couple's first major event that they are planning. While wedding coordinators and planners can be used to help put out fires the day of the event, they also can be relied on for helping with the budget, creating an event timeline for all of the wedding vendors and guests, giving you advice on how to make your day run smoothly, and making sure that everything goes according to plan on your wedding day. Your wedding coordinator also can help you so that you don't have to worry when unexpected occurrences happen. The bottom line is that your wedding day only comes once, so hire a professional to take on the stress while you enjoy the day! Myth #2: I have friends and family who can take care of everything. Our Advice: While loved ones are a wonderful support system who would love to do anything for you to make your day everything you deserve, they are no substitute for a professional. Wedding planners can see the big picture, have a working relationship with the vendors, and have seen the worst happen. They have experience, know how to keep their cool, and also want your loved ones to be able to enjoy the day with you. If your loved ones really want to help, your coordinator can let them know what tasks they can help with while they take care of the rest. Myth #3: Planning a wedding is so easy! I would rather not waste the budget. Our Advice: Hiring a wedding planner is the farthest thing from wasting some of your budget. Trust us, planning a wedding is such an incredible and amazing experience (so much so we decided to make it our careers!). However, there are a lot of aspects of wedding planning that can be... well... boring! Endless venue contracts, payment invoices that need to be reviewed, and liability insurances needed from each vendor are all the aspects that your wedding planner can handle while you enjoy food tastings, bridal shows, and dress shopping!

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