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Feeling Overwhelmed?

In 2017, if you are not completely stressed and overwhelmed planning your wedding, then you are looked at as the exception. But why? Shouldn't you be able to enjoy the entire engagement while planning a celebration of you and your spouse? Often times this seems like a concept that is too far out of reach for brides and grooms to be. Fortunately, we are here to help you with our top tips on how to stop feeling overwhelmed!

#1. Limit Your Time Googling Wedding Vendors- What do you do when you are trying to find a location you have never been to before, or do not know how much a service may cost? Google it! However, Google has so much information that is often overwhelming to brides. Break the pattern by finding your vendors through options outside of the internet, like bridal shows! Two of the bridal shows that we love are The Bellisima Bride Bridal Show and BrideWorld.

#2. Write Your Own Messages- While it may initially be very tempting to use templates or mass messaging to contact vendors, we HIGHLY recommend resisting. First, when you write your own messaging you can include details that are crucial for vendors to know to see if you are a good fit for each other. For example, if the template just says, "Hi, I need a DJ for my wedding" that is very different from "Hi, I need a bilingual DJ for my wedding that can get all of my guests on the dance floor." That short addition alone will help you decide which DJ is really the best fit for you. Plus, the mass messaging e-mail will lead to 10-20 vendors blowing up your e-mails, and you have no idea who they are! Save yourself the time and stress by typing your own messages.

#3. Focus On Yourself- Taking the time to really decide what you and your fiance want for your big day is crucial to not feeling overwhelmed. While outside opinions from family and friends are sometimes helpful, make sure that you do not lose site of what is really important to you. By having a concrete vision of what YOU want for your big day, you will be able to stay focused and not get overwhelmed by all of the options out there.

#4. Wedding/Life Balance- Whether you wedding is months away or years away, you can definitely afford some dedicated down time from planning the wedding. Remember to breath, focus on what the event is really all about, and have some fun during the engagement outside of planning. If you find that you are getting overwhelmed and the whole planning process has stopped being fun, then come back to it later!

Fortunately, there is a happy ending to all of the overwhelming emotions. If you are stressing, it is because you are doing it wrong! When you find trusted vendors and the right people who are helping you, your big day should be a fun and exciting process culminating in the wedding experience you deserve.

"J&M Entertainment are by far the best in the Santa Clarita Valley. We did everything with them from lighting, MC, DJ, and video... Jorge Lopez was the MC and he was amazing! He and his staff thoroughly went over every detail to ensure that the day was magical."

- Jane Janusek, Mother of the Bride

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