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Can You Really Trust Your Wedding Vendors?

It is not uncommon for engaged couples to find themselves questioning if the wedding vendors they choose really have their best interest in mind. When they are being trusted with one of the biggest days ever, couples want to be 100% sure that they are not just in it for the sale. Here is some advice on how to pick a wedding vendor you can trust!

#1) Research- With the internet being so easily accessible, there is no excuse not to research your vendors! Read their reviews on Yelp, WeddingWire, The Knot, Facebook, and every other channel you can. Keep in mind that vendors are human, and therefore cannot be perfect, but if there was an issue take the time to see how they responded. This will help you determine if you will be in good hands no matter what happens on your special day.

#2) Prepare- Aside from researching your wedding vendors, you also want to prepare questions that you have. Do they have other events going on that day? What are some crisis situations they have encountered and how have they handled them? What is their ideal client like? Be sure to also prepare for questions that they will need to know to better serve you. Do you have a venue and approximate guest count? Do you have specific colors or a theme? Having these answers prepared can help to make the process smooth and efficient.

#3) Note What They Ask- The questions that vendors ask you will tell you how much they care about you and your wedding. Think about it. If they only ask you your date, venue, and how many guests, then that is pretty generic. However, if they ask you about how you met, when was the last wedding that you attended, what did you like about it, what did you not like about it, what painful thing do you want to avoid at your wedding, and one of the most important, what would you like your guests to say about your wedding afterwards, then they are really taking the time to get to know you. Asking these in depth questions shows that the vendor is really cares about you, your fiance, and your special day.

#4) Complimentary Consultations- In short... take advantage! Consultations are a great resource for every couple who is planning their wedding day. Not only do the consultations provide an opportunity to see vendor's past work, but you can also really spend some quality time with the staff and see if the culture of the company fits what you are looking for.

With one of the biggest events of your life, making sure you have vendors that you can trust and rely on is what will help make the planning process less stressful. We hope you enjoyed these tips, and if you have any questions or need free advice, contact us anytime!

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