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Be unique with the creation of your summer wedding favors

Offering wedding favors is a truly wonderful gesture to make for your guests. Not only will it show them you care about their presence there and put a smile on their faces, but your favors will also make for nice souvenirs for them to take home at the end of the big day.

Having a summer wedding? Here are some great ideas to help you be unique with the creation and choosing of your summer wedding favors.

  • Summer sweet treats. Nothing beats a well-made sweet treat and people tend to love this. Mason jars filled with delicious honey, jams and other summer-infused goodies can really satisfy your guests’ sweet teeth, so it’s more than worth considering the option.

  • Sunglasses. Want to add a bit of style and fabulousness to your wedding? Offer personalized pairs of sunglasses. With the sunlight outside, these wedding favors will be more than welcomed!

  • Succulents. Are you the kind of couple in love with nature and greenery? Offer beautiful succulents as wedding favors and people will really love taking these lovely plants home – especially if they come with adorable messages!

  • Seeds. Want to send an even greener message with your wedding favors? Customize small paper envelopes and place flower seeds in them. Encourage your guests to plant these seeds as a symbol of the love you have for one another – they will love the idea!

  • Candles. Send your guests home with summer’s most beautiful flavors…in a candle. There are many ways to personalize small candles in transparent glasses – so this is a wonderful idea if you want to use your creativity too.

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Photo source: madprime

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