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Make sure you are aware of the best and worst transportation options for your wedding!

Your wedding should be amazing from the very second you wake up, to the second you leave for your honeymoon. Of course, the way you make your entrance and your exit to and from the wedding is very important to you.

What are some of the best and worst transportation options for your wedding? Here are some tips you should keep in mind:


  • A limousine. Renting a limo for your Big Day will not be as expensive as you might think – and it’s definitely one of the classiest and most glamorous means of transportation you can choose for such an important event in your life. It will make you feel like a true celebrity!

  • A vintage car. Planning an elegant vintage wedding? Then choose a mode of transportation that goes along with this! Renting a vintage or retro car will add so much to your wedding, making it feel more unique and fabulous!


  • A school bus. While this is definitely an original idea, the truth is that renting a school bus for your wedding day might not be a great idea. Not only will it be quite difficult to find a place that rents school buses, but it can also be quite expensive to ride it for a short amount of time.

  • A bicycle. Again, this can sound like a cute idea – but considering your attires (and especially the wedding gown), you might want to skip it altogether. Plus, getting sweaty before the wedding is most likely not something you actually want – so consider a fancier version of the bike (such as a Vespa, for example).

J&M Entertainment provides high quality wedding entertainment to couples who want every minute of their Big Day to be absolutely amazing. Contact us, find out more about our services and we will be there to help you have an UNFORGETTABLE wedding!

Photo source: jeremi

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