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Wedding Rehearsal Video

Tuesday Tips @ 2

Wedding rehearsals are so special. You are surrounded by close family & friends that have traveled to see you get married. Some of the best speeches and toasts are done at the wedding rehearsal. Many brides & grooms never thought to have the wedding rehearsal dinner filmed. We have had several couples hire us to film their wedding rehearsal and incorporate it into their wedding video. To see a father give away his daughter and then hear his words to her on their rehearsal dinner night is so special. Your Dad is going to feel more comfortable giving a speech in front of close family. He will probably share things he would not share at the formal wedding. Many people like your grandma will not share at the wedding, but will do a toast at the rehearsal dinner. Being able to see her speech in the future will be priceless to you. You will be grateful when she’s gone and you’re able to re-live that moment. Watch Kristen & Thomas’ wedding video and see if you can see where their wedding rehearsal footage was incorporated into their wedding video.


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