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The power of a wedding coordinator

Quick wedding story time...

When we first met one of awesome brides, Michelle, she let us know right away that her favorite thing in the world is a spectacular view. So when we found out she picked a private home overlooking all of the mountains of LA, we knew she had picked a great venue for her and her soon-to-be-husband. However, there are complications that come with any venue- which is why it is so important to pick the right team of professionals on your wedding day. In this case, here are a few of the issues that came up: 1. The generator that catering was using to cook the food did not have enough power. So the chicken was still raw when it was supposed to be getting served to guests. 2. The wind was unpredictably intense, causing the linens, flowers, and decor to constantly be blown away or out of position. 3. The reception timeline had to be moved around so the formalities would be captured by the photographers and videographers (who were scheduled to leave before then). The best part? The bride and groom did not have to stress about any of it. Our coordinator, Lorena, put on her superhero cape and sprung into action. She had the back-up generator set up to ensure that the chicken would cook faster. She had extra ties and equipment to keep all of their decor in place, and she knew how to seamlessly move the timeline around without missing a beat. And THAT is the power of a wedding coordinator. If you want your wedding day to be organized and seamless, regardless of what unpredictable obstacles show up, then you want one of our coordinators. For more information on our coordinators and how they can help you, check out our website!

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