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What is the difference between a DJ & MC?

When looking into entertainment for your wedding, it is likely that you will hear these two titles used interchangeably. However, this can cause a lot of confusion for couples planning their wedding because they are actually very different.

Where the difference lies between the two is in the responsibilities. Traditionally, a DJ is the professional who handles the music. This involves playing the right songs at the right times, mixing music together, and taking song requests. On the other hand, the MC is responsible for the reception program. An experienced MC will make all of your announcements, conduct interactives to make your guests feel included, and ensure that your reception runs smoothly. Depending on the size of your wedding and the experience that you want, you may need two people in your entertainment package or it may be able to all be performed by one person. To get information on our DJ/MC packages and to find out which one is right for your wedding, contact our team today!

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J&M Entertainment Reviews

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