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Pick Your Wedding Venue in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you are a part of the 40% of couples that start planning their wedding within 1 month of being engaged or the 60% that wait before delving into their planning, one of the first decisions to be made is which venue to choose. To help you on your search for the perfect wedding venue in Los Angeles, here are 5 easy steps for you and your fiance to follow.

1. MAKE A LIST OF WHAT YOU WANT IN YOUR VENUE- With a seemingly unlimited amount of options for you to choose from, the first thing you want to consider is what you actually want in your venue. For example, do you want your venue to be able to hold at least 300 guests? Or do you want it to be in a certain location? Do you want something with a spectacular view? Or something unique that your guests have never seen before? Once you have answered these questions, it will help guide your path in what to research.

2. DO YOUR RESEARCH- Now that you have decided what you want in a venue, let the research begin! Whether you decide to browse the internet, search social media, or attend bridal shows, getting familiar with your options will help you further solidify your wedding vision. We always suggest looking at past weddings at the venue, reading reviews from previous couples who were in your position, and writing down things that you drew you to the venue.

3. CHECK LOGISTICS Now that you have done some research on venues that meet your initial requirements and seen your options, it is time to check logistics! Initially couples can be immediately sold on a venue by its beauty alone; however, there are important questions that need to be asked. Are they available for the season or date that you are looking to book? Are there overnight accommodations close by for out of town guests? Is there parking available for your wedding? All of these factor in to the overall experience for you, your fiancé, and your guests on your wedding day.

4. CHECK CREATIVE FREEDOM- Is there a specific vendor you want to use or a décor idea you love that you want to implement? Check if you can do it before signing with that venue. Some wedding venues in Los Angeles have a specific list of vendors that you must use (or pay an extreme buy out fee to not use) or rigid rules that prohibit you from making alterations to the space. It is always good to check beforehand rather than hearing about it later in the wedding planning process.

5. SET UP VENUE VISITS- It is true what we always say: you cannot do all of your wedding planning online. No amount of research on the internet will compare with seeing the venue in person, meeting the staff, and getting that "THIS IS IT!" feeling. Be prepared as this part of the wedding planning process can often take the most about of time, but it will be well worth it to be familiar with the space, meet the staff, and be confident that you will completely love it on your wedding day.

We hope these tips help you on your journey to finding your perfect wedding venue in Los Angeles! For wedding planning advice specifically for your wedding, contact us today at 661-257-1725.

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