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5 Steps To Planning Your Dream Wedding

1. Enjoy

When we sit down with our couples during their initial consultation, a common theme we hear is that planning their wedding is stressful! With the ever increasing price tag, pressure to have a unique wedding, and the fact that this is probably the only event they have ever planned of this caliber, it is not hard to see why. Whether you just got engaged or are rapidly approaching your wedding date, it is important to enjoy the process. If you are stressed out of your mind and planning your wedding is a chore, then something has gone wrong! It is important to take the time to enjoy showing off your ring, doing fun activities, and finding your wedding dream team so that you can have a memorable and fun engagement!

2. Inspiration

The second step in planning your dream wedding is finding inspiration. Knowing what you like, while keeping an open mind, is going to give you the smoothest wedding planning experience with the best outcome. Unlike most vendors, we do not think there is anything wrong with going through Pinterest for wedding inspiration and ideas to solidify your vision. We advise that you go through the pictures you have pinned, write notes on what you like about them, and check that they create a cohesive vibe or theme to get your wedding vision.

P.S. Like we said in the beginning of this step, it is important to keep an open mind when creating your wedding vision. While Pinterest is incredible for inspiration, many couples want the picture replicated EXACTLY without considering the details of what it took to create that wedding scene (i.e. one of a kind vintage accents, florals that are not blooming during your wedding season, etc.). It is important to have a vision for your wedding to communicate to your wedding team but also leaving it open for them to do what they do best while making it more unique and you!

3. Logistics

Every wedding has logistics that need to be considered in the planning process. Some common logistics that need to be considered across the board are budget and guest list, while some unique ones might be the need to bring in outside caterers or a place for your guests to stay close by. When deciding on which vendors to meet with in person, it is important to consider the logistics for your wedding and do your research on if they meet your criteria and what their reviews are.

4. Visit & Meet

Now that you have done your research, it is time to schedule visits and consultations with the vendors who have made the cut thus far. While most couples consider to look at the site of the venue or see the past work of a wedding vendor, many forget to consider the staff during these meetings. Of course the look of the venue and the past work of a professional factor into the decision you and your fiance make, but also remember that the staff are the team that are going to be surrounding you on your wedding day. Do you connect with them? Trust them? Feel that they get your wedding vision and have the talent and experience to make it a reality? Make sure you can answer "yes" to all of these questions before signing your name on the line.

5. Book

After you have completed your venue and vendor visits, it is time to make a decision on who to book. At this point you should have all of the information that you need to assemble your wedding team (i.e. what their past work is like, the price of their service, which ones you connected with, etc.). Once you have made your decision on who to hire for your wedding day, it is time to take a huge breath because you did it! Your wedding team is now in place and it is their responsibility to make your vision a reality.

We hope you enjoyed our 5 steps to planning your dream wedding! For more tips or to schedule your free consultation, contact us today at 661.257.1725 or

Let the J&M Experience begin!

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