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Why you need J&M's all-inclusive wedding services

Based on what our couples have shared with us, choosing J&M's all-inclusive wedding services was one of the best decisions that they made in the wedding planning process. Aside from helping couples solidify their wedding vision and sharing our BTS advice, our inclusive services take the stress of wedding planning off of your plate so that you can enjoy every minute of your engagement! While all-inclusive services are quickly becoming a sought after part of the wedding industry, many couples have questions as to what the hype is. Take a look at the top reasons couples like you chose to book J&M's all-inclusive services.

1. Weddings Are What We Do

With 7 all-inclusive wedding wedding services with 1 award winning team, weddings are what we do! All day everyday we are planning and coordinating DJ/MCs, Lighting, Photography, Videography, Wedding Coordination, Photo Booth, and Drapery for our couples' special day. We specialize in these various aspects of your wedding day because over the years we have seen holes in the system. We have seen couples never get their video from their videographers, photographers leave before key moments in the reception, and DJs not prepared with the right songs and equipment. We see the big picture perspective and have a team who works seamlessly together to create your wedding vision.

2. Easier Wedding Planning Experience

When multiple wedding services are under one roof, it makes for a much easier planning process.

With J&M, it is one phone call, one team, and one incredible experience. With J&M there are never any quarrels between the photographer and videographer about who is in the way of the shot or the problem of the DJ's equipment creating an ugly background of the shot. We are a seamless team who sees the big picture and delivers the ultimate wedding experience. You will never have to worry because even if there is a hiccup, we have an entire team that will problem solve and make sure that it does not effect your wedding experience.

3. Saves You Time

Did you know that couples on average have 26-30 meetings with wedding vendors for just 13 services? That can take any where from a few months to a year spending weekends and days off hoping to connect with at least one of them. Not to mention endless hours of research, consultations, phone calls, and paperwork? Can you imagine if instead you met with one company who provided multiple services for you?! When you book J&M's all inclusive wedding services, if there are any last minute changes, like a change in the timeline, all of your services are just one phone call away.

4. Completely Customizable Packages

Here at J&M, we know that your wedding is completely unique to you and your fiance. We know that it doesn't fit into a typical package and that your visions will require more than something standard. That is why we are proud to offer our clients their own custom bundle package with any of the 7 services that you need. Whether you are just starting your planning process and need everything or are putting together the final touches and just need a few, you can create a J&M package that is right for you.

We hope you enjoyed this blog on our all-inclusive wedding services! For questions or to book your free consultation, contact us at 661.257.1725 or Let the J&M Experience begin!

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