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The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Wedding Pinterest Board

Pinterest came into the wedding scene in 2010 and completely revolutionized the planning process for brides and grooms. Jump forward to 2017 and now 1 in 3 Pinterest boards are completely dedicated to wedding planning (according to The Washington Post). Without a doubt Pinterest has become the place to find inspiration and dream up the big day. However, there are some key things to consider when creating your wedding pinterest board, and we are here to help with our Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Wedding Pinterest Board.

#1: Start Fresh

According to The Huffington Post, 70% of brides have a wedding Pinterest board before they are engaged (nothing wrong with getting a little jump start!). However, things often change once the reality of wedding planning sets in, whether that be with budget, trends, or new ideas that have inspired the wedding scene. The best thing to do is start fresh with a new Pinterest board dedicated to your wedding now that you are engaged!

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#2: Begin Broad

Even if you think you already have a pretty solid idea of what your wedding vision is, start off with broad searches. You'd be surprised how many wedding ideas you will find and LOVE by keeping your mind open. Also make sure that while you are searching under broad categories to make notes on what you like about each pin. This will help you remember what drew you to each picture and help fine-tune your wedding vision.

Photo credit: J&M Photography

#3: Don't Forget Logistics

Often times wedding professionals cringe when they hear, "Let me show you want I found on Pinterest." It is not because wedding professionals hate Pinterest and when couples use it for their wedding planning, but rather because brides and grooms often do not fully understand the logistics of each photo they have saved (i.e. the work that went into it, whether it is a real wedding or styled shoot, etc.).

Photo credit: J&M Photography

#4: Follow The Pros

Pinterest is home to much more than just the pretty pictures! There are incredible pins directly from the pros themselves discussing their tips and advice on what works, how to achieve the design they created, etc. Take some time before picking your final selections and find the pages of wedding pros you are thinking of hiring and bloggers whose work inspires you.

Photo credit: J&M Photography & Pinterest

#5: Edit Your Board

Now that you have a board of wedding inspiration, it is time for editing! Go through your board and fine tune all of the pins to make your final selections for your wedding. One of the main things to look for when editing your Pinterest board is if your idea/theme is cohesive and makes sense. The last thing you want is to have a "Pinterest Wedding" where all of the elements look great separately, but make absolutely no sense together (i.e. D.I.Y. rustic decor in a over-the-top glamorous ballroom).

Photo credit: J&M Photography

#6: Make It Your Own

Arguable the most important step of all: make it your own! If you are replicating the pictures exactly, then your guests are going to have already seen it at another wedding they have attended or maybe on their own searches on Pinterest. When you do not make that inspiration your own, your wedding loses that unique value that helps make your wedding as special as the love you and your fiance share. Find a way to make it your own, and if you are having difficulty, that is what your vendors are for! They are experts in their field who are hired to make your wedding everything you deserve and more.

Photo credit: J&M Photography

We hoped your enjoyed our Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Wedding Pinterest Board! For more ideas, tips, or advice on weddings, contact us at 661.257.1725 or

We look forward to hearing from you!

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