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6 Do's & Don'ts For Getting Married On A Holiday

Do: Incorporate The Time Of The Year

Incorporating the season into your wedding is a definite must, especially if you are choosing to have your wedding on a holiday. If you are a huge fan of the holiday and chose it specifically to decorate your wedding with festive decor, then by all means go for it! However, your decor does not need to be too literal to pull it off. Instead of the typical wreaths and poinsettias, incorporate festive blankets, a rich color scheme, and some seasonal sprigs.

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Do: Account For A Higher Budget

Around the holidays wedding professionals tend to have very little wiggle room for lowering the budget because they are paying their staff to work on a holiday. There also may be less staff available due to time off with family or difficult conditions to account for (bad weather conditions, heavy traffic, higher travel prices). There are also certain holidays that raise prices due to popular demand (i.e. flowers increase in price for Valentine's Day).

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Do: Factor In The Busiest Travel Days

Many couples are drawn to holidays for the extra time with family, and the ability to easily include rehearsal dinners the night before and family brunches the morning after. However, some of the heaviest travel days of the year fall right around the holidays (what a coincidence!). Some examples are the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Sundays & Mondays after a long weekend, and the week before Christmas).

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Don't: Wait Until The Last Minute To Send Invites

Holidays often involve annual family traditions, so make sure to send out your save the dates early so that your guests can plan ahead. This is especially true for summer holidays, like 4th of July and Memorial Day, where kids are out of school and families typically do a majority of their traveling. The same applies for the "major" holidays that happen during the last three months of the year.

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Don't: Expect Everyone To R.S.V.P. Yes

Since families and friends may have holiday plans years in advance, do not expect that everyone you invite will be able to attend. For some, holidays are the number one priority and will immediately dismiss attending in lieu of their holiday festivities, while others will not be able to attend due to already committing their time elsewhere. Regardless, make sure to account for guests only being able to celebrate with you and your fiance in spirit.

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Don't: Have An Adults Only Wedding

The holidays are often one of the few times that parents are able to spend quality time with their kids, so they are going to expect some additional spots for their little ones so they can be a part of the celebration. Make sure that some additional room on the guest list is created for the kids since it is likely they will be out of school and spending time with their family.

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We hope you enjoyed our top do's and don'ts for getting married on a holiday. For more ideas and tips on getting married on a holiday, contact us today at 661.257.1725 or

We look forward to hearing from you!

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