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The Top 8 Do's & Don'ts For Your Winter Wedding

Who else is welcoming November with open arms?! Although we were just dealing with 90 plus degree heat here in SoCal, nothing is stopping us for getting into the holiday spirit and embracing all of the winter weddings! Even though there has been a slight shift in wedding trends, where couples are looking for dates outside of May-October, November still symbolizes the end of peak wedding season in the industry. However, for all of our winter couples who are taking advantage of cooler weather, off-season prices, and all of the romance that comes with the end of the year, here are the top 8 do's and don'ts for your winter wedding.

#1. Do Let The Season Inspire You

Winter wedding couples get to incorporate wedding decor, themes, and scenery that are simply not available to spring, summer, and fall couples. So embrace warm, comfort food, romantic twinkly lights, and the cooler weather and let it inspire you in your wedding planning!

Photos courtesy of Pinterest & Bridal Musings

#2. Do Think Of Your Wedding Party

Your wedding party are there throughout your engagement and wedding day to take care of you. Make sure to do the same for them and keep them warm on your special day and think about having floor length gowns, thick stockings, and stylish wraps. The last thing you want is to be taking pictures with their teeth chattering and their bodies going numb from the cold because their attire is not appropriate for the weather.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

#3. Do Go For A Cozy Vibe

Candles, festive drinks, warm colors, and dimmed lighting all come together for a winter wedding made in Pinterest heaven and perfectly compliment the cold weather outside.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

#4. Do Prepare For Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Whether heavy snow is a possibility that will interfere with your wedding guests' attendance, or if you are here in SoCal and the thought of rain is enough to delay your guests, preparing for the unfavorable weather conditions will help immensely in having a stress free wedding. One idea to think about is a pre-ceremony cocktail hour where your guests can mingle and catch up before the start of ceremony, and the buffer can accommodate any guests who are running behind due to weather.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

#5. Don't Worry About The Weather

Even if you have done everything you can, the weather conditions can still sometimes get in the way. Just remember, the weather is out of your control. However, you can control how you react to it. Regardless if it is snowing more than expected or raining when it was not supposed to, your wedding day is happening, and you have the power over how much you enjoy your wedding day.

Photos courtesy of The Fashion Medley, LoveThisPic, and Pinterest

Don't Forget About The Light

Winter weddings mean shorter and darker days where you cannot rely on natural light for your entire wedding. When making the timeline, figure out when the sun is setting and make sure your photographer has input as well. Also, think about incorporating a lot of lighting in your reception space so that all of your special moments are captured well.

Photos courtesy of The Wedding Guide, Glamour & Grace, and Pinterest

Don't Be Scared To Use A "Non-Tradition" Palette

Traditionally even winter weddings that were not specifically holiday themed still included lots of warm reds, sparkly golds, and seamless whites. However, bold and unique colors work just as well and are truly stunning in winter settings. Replacing gold with metallic coppers, cool toned grays/sandy browns in place of reds, and bold colors (like orange and deep brown) over soft tones are all incredible choices for wedding accents.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

Don't Skip The Pampering

With so many items on your to-do list leading up to the wedding, the simple things like pampering can often fall to the side. However, you will be happy you made it a priority because with cold weather comes dry skin if not taken care of properly. The last thing you want to see is red, cracked skin on your detail close ups from the winter air.

We hope you enjoyed these do's and don'ts for winter weddings. For more ideas, tips, and advice, contact us today at 661.257.1725 or

We look forward to hearing from you!

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