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The Real Scoop On Saving Money For Your Wedding

Do you want to have an incredible wedding that won't break the bank?

Who wouldn't?! The internet is filled with money saving tips for brides and grooms planning their special day (choose a weekday, pick an off season date, cut out alcohol, opt for morning wedding, etc.). But what if those are not negotiable for you? The internet is surprising silent on the topic.

Here at J&M Entertainment, we want you to have the amazing, memorable, fun wedding that you deserve without having to make huge sacrifices. So we are here today to share the real scoop on saving money for your wedding:

1. Book Your Vendors Early

Whether you are getting married next year or in five years, book early! Wedding vendors (well, great ones) are going to be continually perfecting, fine-tuning, and improving their craft, and with that often comes an increase in price. Once you find a wedding vendor that you love and trust, book them ASAP. This not only will reserve them for your wedding, but it will lock you in at their current price point instead of their future price.

P.S. Although a bit more risky, the same applies for couples with short engagements (generally around 3 months or less). Venues and vendors are looking to fill in the open dates that they have, and if it is only 3 months out from the date, the likelihood of it booking is not very high. They will be a lot more flexible with their price, but you take a gamble on if the vendors you love will have availability.

Photography by J&M Entertainment

2. Hire A Wedding Planner

Since wedding planners are an added expense, most couples do not think of adding it to the budget that they are trying to cut down on, but hear us out. Not only will wedding planners provide expert advice on figuring out your budget and where you can cut costs, they also ensure that your wedding timeline is moving along so that you do not get dinged with overtime fees from the DJ, venue, rental company, etc.

Photos from Pinterest

3. Inclusive Services

Choosing a company like J&M Entertainment (shameless self promotion) that provides a variety of inclusive services gives you the opportunity to create your own custom bundle package that will save you time and money. If you book each wedding service separately, the prices are not going to be as flexible since they are all working on their own. However, when you book a vendor that provides a variety of services all with one team, there are more opportunities to save money (and time!).

J&M Entertainment services from left to right: Up-lighting and drapery, DJ/MC, pin-spots, photography

4. Use What You Got

Another money saver is to work with what you got. Some incredible ways we have seen this executed is picking a wedding venue that has a lot of natural beauty and unique accents that do not require a lot of decor to make it breath taking (beach wedding, weddings with a view, historic landmark/site, breath taking banquet halls, etc.), or using your ceremony flowers to decorate your reception space.

Photo details from left to right: The Youngrens Photography at Langham Pasadena, Pinterest, Mozingo Photography at The Biltmore, Pinterest

5. Do Not Be Afraid To Ask

If someone asked you to to work for less than you are normally paid, would you do it? What if they asked you to work for an additional hour without being paid? If it rubs you the wrong way, then you are in the same boat as most wedding vendors. That being said, there is a lot of room for negotiation when done correctly. Our advice is to give the vendor you are speaking with the honest budget that you are dealing with, and ask if there is anything they can do to accommodate it (less edits for photographers, less hours for the package, etc.). Vendors will be much more willing to negotiate price at the beginning because they want to be a part of your amazing wedding, so make sure you ask before completely writing them off.

Photos from Pinterest

Our last tip for you before ending this blog is to remember that price is what you pay, but value is what you get. For more wedding tips and advice, contact us today at 661.257.1725 or! We look forward to hearing from you!

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