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6 Incredible Wedding Ideas You Won't Find On Pinterest

Custom Wedding Scent

Have you ever smelled a scent and immediately been transported back to a certain time in your life? The limbic system in your brain is responsible for smell as is directly related to memory, so you are not the only one! Why not take advantage of yet another way to remember your incredible day with a custom scent for your wedding? Whether you decide for it to be a unisex scent for you and your husband to wear, have it sprayed throughout your ceremony and reception, or chose to also make them favors this idea will instantly take you back to your wedding day every time you smell it.

Photo from Jo Malone

David Tutera Event Design

Celebrity wedding planner and award-winning event designer, David Tutera, has consistently been an innovator, trend-setter, and incredible planner. His designs are eye-catching, detail-oriented, breath taking, and always something so unique and totally Tutera. When looking for wedding ideas that no one else will have, Tutera's events are the place to find wedding inspiration.

Photos of David Tutera's Event Design

Underwater Photo Shoot

Trash the dress sessions are nothing new, but taking your photos under water? Now that is something that is something completely awe inspiring! We have seen incredible ideas like this picture at a destination wedding, or under water at a pool that is near by. Regardless, if you are thinking of having a trash the dress session, you have to consider taking some stunning shots with it.

David Sanderson Photography

Complete Drapery & Lighting

Pinterest is known for it's ability to inspire couples for their wedding day. But a large part of WOW at weddings is found in lighting and drapery. If you really want to transform the venue space and emerge your guests in a completely unique reception, then lighting and drapery are they way to go! Here is a transformation that we did at The Hyatt, Valencia!

J&M Entertainment Photography

One Hope Wine

Deciding on your wedding wine often comes last on your list of wedding to-dos. However, that will all change once you hear what One Hope Wine has to offer. Take a look:

"As you get ready to plan the best day of your life, we have something to make it even more meaningful. With ONEHOPE, you can integrate giving back to worthy causes into your big day. Every bottle of ONEHOPE Wine makes a quantifiable social impact through our partner non-profits. For example, with our California Sparkling Brut, the average wedding toast can provide 50 nutritious meals to children in need! Even better? An additional percentage can be given back to make an impact on the cause of your choice. Whether ONEHOPE is being served at your wedding or being given away as favors to your guests, there is truly no better way to celebrate than by supporting a greater cause!"

One Hope Wine

Video Photo Booth

Photo Booths have become practically a must at weddings, but not all photo booth are made equally. J&M Photo Booth options include video booths, fun filters, and projections onto TVs to show all of your guests the fun going on in the booth. All of these elements will make your wedding entertainment stand out over the sea of wedding ideas and experiences out there.

J&M Entertainment Photography & True Photography Weddings

We hope you enjoyed this blog on 6 incredible wedding ideas you won't find on Pinterest! For more ideas, contact us today at 661.257.1725 or! We look forward to hearing from you!

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