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How To Have A Spook-tacular Halloween Party

A Night To Dismember

Boo-tiful Halloween Night

Want to immediately transform your event space and transport your guest to a boo-tiful Halloween night? Amp up the ghoulish decor with festive pumpkins, creepy chandeliers, and eerie fog to seamlessly complete the haunting decor.

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Franken-Tastic Lighting

Highlight your decor and theme with fraken-tastic lighting to add to the spooky atmosphere. In addition to the purple up-lighting, add custom gobos to scare your guests on this night to dismember. Some of our favorites are cobweb gobos and flying witches.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

Eat, Drink, and Be Scary

Make sure to take care of your guests with hauntingly good food! Whether you chose pumpkin cake pops, R.I.P. cupcakes, or mummy pizza pies, your guests are in for a treat!

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Thrilling Music

And of course, what would a Halloween party be without a talented DJ/MC to keep the spook-tacular fun going all night long!

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We hope you enjoyed our how to tips for your spook-tacular halloween party! We do have some openings for events at the end of October, so contact us today at 661.257.1725 or to see how we can create the best Halloween party yet!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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