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What NOT To Do When You Get Engaged!

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you have soaked up the engagement bliss, hugged and kissed your future spouse, and probably told your story a couple of hundred times... it is time to get into wedding planning (yay!). But before you throw yourself into full wedding planning mode and endlessly searching Google and Pinterest, there are definitely a few key things NOT to do.

#1: Do Not Post On Social Media Before Telling Your Family

It is easy to be overcome with so much happiness about embarking on your journey with your fiance to happily ever after that telling your family before social media becomes an oversight. However, do not neglect your close friends and family who will be hurt in hearing about your engagement via Facebook or Instagram. Set aside some time to call, video chat, or meet up to share the amazing news (& show off your gorgeous bling/tell the story a few hundred more times!).

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#2: Do Not Immediately Book Your Wedding Vendors Online

Having online wedding resources has completely changed the wedding industry, which is great! However, there are certain wedding tasks you just cannot do online alone. The texture and feel of your wedding dress, the decadent taste of your cake, and the sweet smell of your bouquet are just a few of the many things that cannot be experience online, and therefore, should not be booked online. Our advice is that if you want to book your wedding vendors just as efficiently, while also establishing a connection with them, attend a bridal show! It is a great way to see the most talented and creative vendors in the area face to face, while not having to spend multiple weekends at different consultations.

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#3: Do Not Send Out Invites/Save The Dates Before You Have A Venue

The venue you choose will determine a multitude of different factors of your wedding day (i.e. maximum guests capacity, minimum rental fee, where guests will stay, etc.). The last thing you want to do is have to go through your list and un-invite people because your dream venue cannot accommodate them. Our advice is to create a rough guest count with your fiance and close family members so that you know what venues are going to be able to accommodate all of the loved ones who want to celebrate with you on your special day.

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#4: Do Not Create The Seating Chart Early In The Process

Creating the seating chart is ranked one of the highest stress-inducing tasks of wedding planning. Since it is hard enough without having to constantly revise it after each person is added or taken off of the guest list, our advice is to not check it off too early. Instead, wait until you have all of the R.S.V.P.s in hand before solidifying the seating chart.

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#5: Do Not Share All Of Your Wedding Details On Social Media

The excitement of creating your perfect wedding day and seeing it all come together is unparalleled, so it is not surprising that couples want to share all of the details on their social media channels throughout the process. But stop right there! You want all of the hard work you and your loved ones have put into planning to take your guests breath away, which is not likely to happen if they already know everything from your Facebook and Instagram. Trust us, it is much more rewarding for it to all be revealed on your special day.

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#6: Do Not Get Overwhelmed And Let It Ruin The Fun

Is planning a wedding sometimes stressful? Yes. But is it all worth it? Completely. Never let yourself forget what this special day is really all about. If you start to feel yourself treating wedding planning as a chore instead of an incredible experience, take a step back and return to it later with a clear mind. All of the road blocks, stressful moments, and minor frustrations do not even come close to the happiest and incredible love on your wedding day. So enjoy every step of your journey to happily ever after!

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We hope you enjoyed these tips on what NOT to do after you get engaged. For more wedding advice, contact us today at 661.257.1725 or!

We cannot wait to hear from you!

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