What NOT To Do When You Get Engaged!

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you have soaked up the engagement bliss, hugged and kissed your future spouse, and probably told your story a couple of hundred times... it is time to get into wedding planning (yay!). But before you throw yourself into full wedding planning mode and endlessly searching Google and Pinterest, there are definitely a few key things NOT to do.

#1: Do Not Post On Social Media Before Telling Your Family

It is easy to be overcome with so much happiness about embarking on your journey with your fiance to happily ever after that telling your family before social media becomes an oversight. However, do not neglect your close friends and family who will be hurt in hearing about your engagement via Facebook or Instagram. Set aside some time to call, video chat, or meet up to share the amazing news (& show off your gorgeous bling/tell the story a few hundred more times!).