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4 Memorable Ways To Honor Lost Loved Ones At Your Wedding

Picture Bouquet- A heart-warming way to keep your loved ones close on your wedding day is to add their pictures to your wedding bouquet. This idea is great for all of the brides who want a personal and intimate memorial of their lost loved ones that does not call a lot of attention to their passing. All you need are some pins, pictures of your loved ones, and a bouquet to put them in.

Memory Table- Choosing to honor your loved ones with a memory table at your wedding ceremony or reception is a touching tribute that can be completely customized. For an more intimate set up, include the pictures of your lost loved ones on a special table. For something more monumental, add a candle lighting in their memory, or tell your officiant to ask for a moment of silence in their honor.

Ceremony Signs- Whether you add a custom sign to your ceremony entry or choose to incorporate it into your memory table, having a special sign honoring them is a great way for all of your guests to remember your lost loved ones with their families. One of our favorites is, "We know you would be here today if heaven weren't so far away."

Something Borrowed- In addition to your own jewelry and sentimental new ring, using something of theirs is an incredibly special way to remember those who cannot be there on your special day. Some of our favorite ideas are wearing their wedding ring (in addition to your own or on your necklace), and using clothes (like men's ties) to wrap your flowers with instead of tape.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas for honoring lost loved ones on your special day. For more creative ideas, contact us today! We cannot wait to hear from you!

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