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7 Unique Wedding Ideas Only The Most Amazing Couples Will Love!

Transform Your Venue With Drapery- Although drapery has recently become popular for its simple and subtle vibe on Pinterest, make no mistake because drapery can be the biggest game changer at your venue. If you have any old wall paper you want to cover, built in decor that you do not like, or just want to have complete control over the look of your wedding, drapery is the way to go!

Interactive Wedding Venue- Your venue should reflect you and your fiance, accommodate all of your guests, and be the home of the most magical day of your life. Why stop there? Interactive wedding venues, like Eden Gardens, have become popular for their ability to transport you and your guests to a completely new world. Along their beautifully hand crafted stone pathways you can find hidden nooks that are ideal for newlywed photo ops.

Video Photo Booth- Over the past couple of years photo booths have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. However, not all photo booths are created equally. Here at J&M Entertainment, we are proud to offer video photo booths that allow your guests to take videos and leave short messages for you and your fiance to watch back after the big day. (Plus, if you just cannot wait, we offer TVs to project the photos and videos for everyone to enjoy!).

Low Flow Clouds- If switching out the wooden dance floor for a modern white or black one isn't your wedding vision, but you want something more elegant for special moments of your reception (like your first dance) low flow clouds are a must. Not only are they soft and romantic, but they make it look like your first dance was on a bed of clouds (and they look great in first dance pictures!).

Unplugged Ceremony- There is nothing worse than your photographer having to fight for the perfect shot because all of your guests have their phones out trying to get a picture of their own. To avoid that all together, why not have an unplugged ceremony? Kindly ask your guests to join you in a "camera-free" ceremony and reserve their picture taking until after the first dance. This will ensure that your photographer can capture all of the pictures from your shot list without interruption.

Useful Favors- It is always polite to thank your guests for celebrating your special day with you by giving them a wedding favor. However, it does not have to be incredibly intricate for your guests to appreciate it. Instead of giving them a physical item that they may forget or leave behind, give them a free drink token, a hangover cure kit, personalized card, or something significant to the relationship that you share with each guest. This will make an impact, be unforgettable, and make your day that much more special.

Breakfast Wedding- This wedding idea is just as unique and fun as it is cost efficient! This under-utilized wedding idea will immediately make your special day stand out from the rest and create an entirely new experience that your guests will remember for years and years to come. Keep it classy with a plated breakfast extravaganza or put a modern twist on it with a mimosa bar for your cocktail hour.

We hope you enjoyed the 7 unique wedding ideas only the most amazing couples will love! Contact us today to see how we can make these tips a reality so that you have the wedding you deserve. We look forward to hearing from you!

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