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4 "Little" Wedding Elements That Make A Big Difference

Pin Spot Lighting- Most couples meet with their florists during the day and have their ceremony while it is light outside, which allows you to see your gorgeous flowers in all of their glory. However, what you don't see is what your guests experience once the sun sets and the reception begins. To ensure that your flowers are not hidden at your reception, add pin spots to highlight them! Trust us, it makes a huge difference!

Drapery- Whether you are looking for decor that is soft and whimsical or bold and glam, drapery is a small touch that really goes a long way in making your wedding vibe everything you want it to be and more. It also is extremely versatile and can cover elements of your venue that you do not like, act as a beautiful backdrop to your sweetheart table, or match your wedding palette perfectly with some up lights.

Upgrade The Furniture & Dance Floor- Over the past couple of years couples have been opting to upgrade their furniture and dance floor, and we have been loving it! Swapping out the old brown dance floor for a sleek checkered one, or changing the chiavari chairs and round tables for long elegant dinner tables and modern chairs immediately takes your wedding decor to a whole new level.

Mix-Matched Candles- Candles are a beautiful and timeless decor item that instantly take your table design to a whole new level of glam and romance. To add a modern twist to the design, use mix-matched candles to compliment your flowers seamlessly. It is simple, breath-taking, and can fit with any wedding palette or wedding season.

We hope you enjoyed these four tips from us on the "little" things that make a big difference. Contact us today for more ideas! We look forward to hearing from you!

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