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Why You Need Inclusive Wedding Services

Cost Effective- Many couples are looking for the best experience possible for their wedding and for the best price available, and choosing a wedding vendor with inclusive services is the way to get that. Inclusive services are flexible and include a team of professionals who are trained in multiple services (like expert lighting design and running a fun photo booth, to installing breath taking drapery and ensuring that your event coordination runs smoothly). They not only know how to work together and have years of working together as a team, but they can provide the best experience with the price that you are looking for.

Saves Time- On average, a couple hires 13 wedding vendors on their journey to happily ever after. Unfortunately, you most likely will not love and hire every vendor that you meet with, which leads to 26-30 meetings with different florists, photographers, videographers, DJs/MCs, and any other event professionals that you need hoping to connect with a handful of them. But what if you found one trusted, talented, and creative vendor that could provide 3 or 4 of those services? Choosing a wedding professional that provides inclusive services will save you from stressful weekends, frustrating meetings, and wasted days off.

Lower Stress- Instead of coordinating with a different vendor for every service on invoices, schedules, timeline documents, and other wedding details, reduce the stress and lower the amount of wedding vendors that you are working with. You will not need to stress about their quality of work, ability to work together, or how reliable they are because they are all from the same talented and creative company that you can trust with all of your wedding details.

Reduce Carbon Footprint- Each vendor that you hire has their own team and equipment that needs to be transported to your wedding. Even if each separate vendor carpools with their team (which is often not the case), the carbon footprint on our earth is increasing. Inclusive services leads to one car with the equipment and staff of multiple services for your wedding day, reducing our carbon footprint on this earth.

Here at J&M Entertainment, we provide inclusive services that promise the wedding experience that you and your fiance deserve. Our award winning services and talented staff are known for their creative ideas and solutions, with the goal of creating a smooth and seamless wedding planning experience. Contact us today to find out how we can collaborate with you and take the next step toward happily ever after.

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