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The Infamous 6 Million Dollar Quinceañera!

Last year Maya Henry stepped onto the Quinceañera scene and changed it forever. Her 6 million dollar birthday extravaganza included a custom built venue, celebrity performances, and a star studded guest list to name a few. While her over the top celebration was a subject of controversy, one thing that everyone agreed on was that it was nothing short of spectacular! Let's look at some of the details...

Celebrity Make-Up Artist- To make sure that Maya was picture perfect at every moment, Patrick Ta was there to create her flawless make-up look. Patrick is a celebrity make-up artist who is known for his collaborations with stars like the Kardashians and Gigi Hadid. His impressive resume made him a must have member of her team that made this event possible.

Star Performances- Since she is no stranger to the spotlight, it was not a surprise that Maya had top-notch celebrity performances at her event. For this fabulous celebration of Maya Henry's 15th birthday, Pit Bull and Nick Jonas were in attendance to entertain the guests and keep the party going. Maya said, "I met him (Nick Jonas) at the Super Bowl in San Francisco a week before my party, and I told him he was performing at my party next week." Nick Jonas even told this story on stage while performing his set. "They were awesome!"

Custom Venue- Complete with artificial butterflies, this 55,000 square foot venue was built just for the celebration. Guests were transported to a unique venue set up with hanging artificial butterflies, amazing florals, pink lighting, and 30 foot cherry blossom trees. Monn, their event planner, said, "We wanted to create something that gives people the experience they have not had before."

Tiered Cake- Of course no Quinceañera is complete without the cake! Maya's lavish cake was six tiers and covered with artificial butterflies to match the room's ambiance. While it was almost too pretty to eat, this cake served as an amazing center piece that reflected the elegance of the event and perfectly matched her stunning dress.

Whether your budget is 6 million dollars (or a lot less), you deserve a memorable experience. Here at J&M Entertainment, we are honored to be a part of your Quinceañera celebration, and we cannot wait to hear how we can create an experience that is uniquely you!

Check out some more images from her special day!

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