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Celebrity Spotlight- Wedding Edition

Even if their marriages do not last, their wedding pictures do!

Celebrity weddings have always been highly anticipated and a topic of conversation. After all, how can you resist looking at the weddings that are created with an unlimited budget? While their secret venues, over the top floral designs, and immense budget may not be realistic, creating a wedding just as spectacular is not out of reach! That is why we gathered our top tips for making your wedding like the stars!

Use their experts- At one time, legendary wedding planners were available only to the stars. Not anymore! Mindy Weiss (who has done weddings for Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Wilson & Ciara, and many more celebrities) has set the standard for meticulous attention to detail and creating dream weddings. Now her wedding knowledge, top tricks, and expert guidance can be brought right to you. Don’t miss out on reading her blog (or website) on all of the advice that she gives to her high end clientele.

Recreate the details- While you may not have the budget that they do, that does not mean that you cannot recreate elements for your big day. Find aspects of their wedding that you would love to be incorporated into your own and find a vendor who can make it happen! This famous celebrity created a romantic and distinct look on the dance floor by lighting it up with rose petal Gobos. This is completely doable! Here at J&M we can create custom Gobos to accent your wedding just like the stars!

Inspiration- You may not want to recreate their entire wedding, but inspiration is still fair game! Whether you get inspiration from their shot list, their unique wedding gown, the overall feel of the wedding, or their decadent looking cake, bring this to your vendors so that you can create something uniquely yours. The result will be unique, classic, and something you will love!

We hope you enjoyed this edition of celebrity spotlight and that it sparked your inspiration. If you would like more advice or knowledge on how to create your wedding vision, schedule your free consultation today!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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