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Cake By The Ocean

Miriam & Rafael

Although weddings have changed tremendously over the past couple of decades, one thing that has stayed the same is our passion for making wedding dreams a reality. One of the best parts of doing what we do is learning what makes each couple unique and really showcasing that through our services. Take Miriam and Rafael! In a world of immaculate weddings, they chose a fun and intimate wedding by the ocean.

Details we loved:

Wedding Venue- Getting married on the beach with the love of your life is pretty high up on our list of the most romantic ways to get married. Besides, what venue can beat Mother Nature's?

Unique & Classic- Miriam and Rafael really nailed the perfect blend of unique and classic, all the while never forgetting to let their personality and love shine through.

Wedding Flowers- The flowers that Mirium chose were not only beautiful against the blue ocean backdrop, but they also complimented her perfectly while still bringing attention to her dress.

Wedding Decor- From the VW bug to his suspenders, this couple really let their wedding decor have a personal and unique meaning. It is safe to say, their wedding decor was completely them.

Take a look at the rest of their day!

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