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The Beatles have great song choices for wedding dances

There’s no other band more versatile, more influential, and more widely popular than The Beatles. A true classic rock band that has set the rhythm for decades of music, The Beatles can be the perfect complement to an unforgettably sweet wedding day.

How to coordinate Beatles tunes with your wedding’s dance moments? Here are some wonderful suggestions you will definitely enjoy.

  • First Dance. This moment should be filled with romance – and thankfully, The Beatles has plenty of songs to fall into this category. For something classic and sweet, “And I Love Her” and “PS I Love You” are both amazing options. For something a bit more uplifting, give “Do You Want to Know a Secret” a chance (you will surely love it!).

  • Father-Daughter/ Mother-Son. Want to infuse these special dances with emotion and uniqueness? “Take Good Care of My Baby” will definitely squeeze a few tears during the Father-Daughter dance, and “Hey Jude” will do the same during the Mother-Son moment. Lovely songs!

  • Wedding Exit Dance. If you want to bid your farewell on Beatles’ music, you have options for this special dance too. “Here Comes the Sun” is perfect for those of you who want to end the day on a positively romantic note, while “A Hard Day’s Night” is ideal for those of you who want to add a bit of humor into the mix.

  • Last, but definitely not least, The Beatles has plenty of dance floor-packing songs too. “Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da”, “Twist and Should”, and “Eight Days a Week” are all amazing options for guests who just love a good old-school tune.

Looking for an experienced, talented and attentive wedding DJ? Contact J&M Entertainment and we will make sure to play amazing music for the most amazing day of your life!

Photo source: Corey Ann

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