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Choose to show off your music loving at your wedding

In love with music and all the amazing beauty it can bring into one’s life? Then you will definitely want one of the most special events of your life to be filled with music in all its shapes – but even more than that, you will want to show off your huge passion for music as well. How to do that? We have gathered some tips and ideas for brides and grooms who want to infuse their big day with a music-loving wedding theme.

  • The cufflinks. If your groom wants to wear the most special pair of cufflinks ever, ask him to personalize a simple pair with his favorite song music scores. It will look so cool and personal at the same time!

  • The chairs. Planning to have an actual sweethearts’ table at your wedding? If yes, you will surely want to personalize it with your passion for music. Take two simple chalkboards and write down your favorite song lyrics – then, hang them on the back of your sweethearts’ chairs. People will find this lovely!

  • The dessert. Want to add a bit of musicality into your sweet treats too? Create some music-inspired cupcake toppers. Even the simplest cupcakes will be instantly transformed into a unique element of décor and entertainment for your guests.

  • The rice. If you want your guests to toss rice, dried flowers, or confetti as you exit the wedding ceremony, give them music score-made cones instead of the simple, plain ones. It’s a small detail, but it can make such a huge difference!

Looking for a talented and experienced wedding DJ for your own big day? Come visit J&M Entertainment and take a look at the services we offer. With us on your side, you and your guests are bound to have the time of your lives!

Photo source: Vegan Feast Catering

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