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Consider line dances for your big day

Creating the perfect playlist for a wedding is no easy job – especially since you will have to satisfy so many different musical tastes and party styles. However, if you are looking for something to almost magically attract people to the dance floor, line dances are what you need. Following, we have gathered some of the best classic line dance song alternatives – so read on and find your inspiration for the big day.

  • The Wobbly is a catchy song that will share energy and joie de vivre with your guests. Plus, if a song is Beyoncé- approved, chances are that it’s really good and that everyone at your wedding will love it. Who doesn’t love a song full of happiness and humor? PS: this tune is perfect if you want to replace the classic Electric Slide.

  • You surely know of the Harlem Shake - everybody does. If you like this catchy tune, and if you want to include it in your wedding playlist, it can make for an awesome line dance moment. It’s ideal if you want to let go of the much-too-popular Locomotion – and it will give you and your guests the same amount of “party mood” as the old-school classic.

  • Do you know guests who are just a little bit country? Achy Breaky Heart used to be quite the staple when it came to wedding playlists – but it might not be so suitable for this type of event. How about Wagon Wheel as an alternative? Still country, still fun to dance to, and still well-known – you’ve got the perfect combo here!

Are you looking for a DJ who knows how to “read” your crowd and play music that makes them genuinely happy? Come visit J&M Entertainment and allow us to mix amazing tunes for your amazing big day!

Photo source: ewen and donabel

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