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Songs you can skip on the big day

As you very well know it, music is a very important element of the big day. Not only can it entertain your guests and make the entire event happier and more unforgettable, but it can totally ruin it when the wrong songs are played into the mix…

What are the songs you should absolutely skip for your wedding day? We have some ideas for you – so read on to find your inspiration.

  • YMCA, The Village People. Sure, everyone knows the lyrics and the dance moves to this one – but the truth is that they have all heard it before. Why not replace this song with another one, equally energizing?

  • The Chicken Dance. Although you may have seen this incorporated in a ton of wedding playlists, you might want to think twice before introducing it in your big day. The reason? It’s too common, too popular, and too…unfit for a wedding (and the formalwear that comes with such an event).

  • Macarena, Los del Rio. Of all the overly played wedding songs in history, this one’s the worst. Not only is it too common, but it’s completely inappropriate in terms of message as well – because yes, if you didn’t know it, they actually sing about cheating (and being proud about it).

  • My Heart Will Go On. Celine Dion has a superb voice and Titanic is a masterpiece – nobody can deny all this. However, My Heart Will Go On is not a good song for a wedding – precisely because it is way too sad. Avoid playing it and replace it with a happier romantic tune (there are so many to choose from!).

Looking for a very talented wedding DJ to entertain your guests? Contact J&M Entertainment and you will absolutely love our services and how we make you and your guests feel at your big day!

Photo source: Tobyotter

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