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Wow your wedding guests with this bespoke music inspiration

Your wedding music should go beyond borders – it should speak about who you are as a couple, and the things you believe in. It should mirror your idea of having fun, and it should also make your guests happy as well.

How to wow everyone at your wedding with amazing music? Here’s some bespoke music inspiration for you:

  • Look back into your heritage. If you and your loved one come from different countries, religions, or ethnicities, you should definitely celebrate the power of love that went beyond all differences. Honor your ancestry by playing songs that pertain to your culture. From Hava Nagila to traditional Indian or Chinese songs, everything can work. As long as you like the music, it will add a truly unique and personal touch to your entire wedding.

  • Make the old new again. Walking down the aisle on Here Comes the Bride may be outdated – but if you really like the song, you can breathe new life into it by having it played in a modern way. The same goes for very new songs too – ask your DJ to find an instrumental/classical version of your favorite contemporary tune and it will automatically sound more elegant and traditional.

  • Be sure you cover all genres. Your guests are very different, so they most likely listen to different genres of music. Make sure to cover for all of them, so that people spend more time on the dance floor, genuinely enjoying themselves.

Looking for a fantastic wedding DJ and entertainer? Contact J&M Entertainment and allow us to help you have an unforgettable wedding day. Our wedding entertainment services are here to help you and your guests have a truly great time – so you will never regret having hired us for the Big Day!

Photo source: Dmitry Kolesnikov

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