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Top ways to uniquely entertain your wedding guests

Your wedding guests deserve the best treatment possible. These people took their time and spent their money to be there for you on your wedding day – so you definitely want to help them have a truly great time at the big party.

How to do it? There are many amazing ways to entertain your wedding guests – and following, we have gathered some of the best ones. Read on and “steal” some inspiration from us.

  • Karaoke party. Everyone loves it, regardless of whether or not they are great with singing. This is an inexpensive, fun activity to plan for your wedding guests – and it will surely create some pretty great memories of your Big Day.

  • Scavenger hunt. If you want to “pull out” the Sherlock Holmes in each of your guests, you should definitely organize a scavenger hunt. Make it wedding-themed, so that it is coordinated with the Big Day (e.g. have your wedding guests search for photos that are meaningful for each step in your relationship).

  • Contests. Who doesn’t love a good contest? Entertain your guests with a Mad Libs, wedding-themed crossword puzzle or simply with a board game contest and offer them a cute prize. They will love the idea!

  • Photo booth. Bringing a photo booth into your wedding reception is more than a great idea, especially in the Instagram and Facebook age. People like shooting photos in the photo booth – and if you add some fun props to the mix, they will definitely love it.

Looking for an amazing wedding DJ and photo booth rental? Here at J&M Entertainment, we can provide you with a variety of wedding entertainment services – and all of the highest quality there is. Contact us and learn more about us, what we offer, and how we can help you create a remarkable, unique and unforgettable wedding day!

Photo source: johnhope14

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