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Your wedding entrance should be grand

As the bride and groom, you want to feel like real celebrities at your wedding – and making a grand entrance into the reception should definitely be a priority for you. After all, you and your love story deserve to have all the attention, right?

How do you make a really grand wedding entrance, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Choose the perfect song. We highly suggest you to choose an entrance song that sets the ambiance for how you want your wedding to be. Do you want something classy? Then play a classic entrance song such as a high-energy instrumental piece. Likewise, you could also make this a fun moment and emphasize on the “party atmosphere” at your wedding (e.g. you can do this with Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get This Party Started).

  • Be creative. If you want to make yourselves feel really amazing as you step into your reception room as husband and wife, you should definitely allow yourself to be creative. Decorate the entrance to make it feel grand, add quirky elements if this is what defines you and be sure your photographer will have his eyes set on you to capture that amazing shine of happiness on both of your faces.

  • Seize the moment. Forget about anything that could go wrong. Feel these moments and infuse yourself in them. These are special minutes of your lives and you both deserve to feel absolutely amazing at your own wedding!

Looking for a DJ who will perfectly coordinate your wedding’s most important moments with the songs you have chosen and with the other songs you will play at a wedding? Contact J&M Entertainment and let’s talk about your dream wedding! Contact us and hire us as your DJs for the Big Day!

Photo source: zenjazzygeek

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