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Top music trends for your wedding dinner

Your wedding music should perfectly complement this very special moment in your life – and it should be flawlessly coordinated with your major wedding highlights too. How do you choose the best music for your wedding dinner, though? We have some tips and trends for you – so read on, find out more and accompany your delicious wedding menu with the very best songs.

  • Create a good mix of tempos. The last thing you want is guests falling asleep on their entrees – so we definitely suggest avoiding too many slow songs. At the same time, playing just fast-paced high-energy songs can also be very tricky, since it might invite the guests to the dance floor before the toasts and the cake cutting (which can be difficult when you have to tell guests to return to their seats).

  • Mix up the genres. Your guests come from different backgrounds and like different things – so it will be almost impossible to keep them happy if you only play one genre during the dinner. Create a good mix of genres to ensure everyone is catching on the good vibes (and getting ready to party on the dance floor as soon as the cake cutting is over).

  • Talk to your DJ. We have said this before and we will say it again – talk to your DJ and speak up about your concerns. Your disc jockey has plenty of experience in playing music for diverse audiences, so he will surely be able to keep everyone happy during the meal (and during the entire wedding, actually).

Looking for that perfect DJ? Come see what J&M Entertainment can offer! With our services on your side, your guests are bound to have a genuinely great time at your wedding – and they will surely create unforgettable memories too!

Photo source: gordonplant

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