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Top song choices for your wedding ceremony

Magical, emotional, unforgettable – these are most likely just some of the things you want your wedding ceremony to be. And music will surely play a very important role in creating a really amazing ambiance – both for your wedding guests and, of course, for you as well.

What are the top song choices for your ceremony processional and recessional? Read on for some wonderful suggestions.


  • Wagner’s Bridal Chorus. It doesn’t get classier, or more traditionally beautiful than this. The well-known Bridal Chorus is far from being outdated, even in a world where smartphones do everything for us – so why wouldn’t you love it?

  • Train’s Marry Me. Want your wedding processional to be a little more modern and definitely unconventional? This is a song that speaks about love in ways only pop-rock bands can do it – so both you and your guests will absolutely love it!


  • Mendelssohn’s Wedding March. End your wedding ceremony in grand style with this wonderful piece of classic music – it will definitely send shivers down your spine and it will even transpire in the stunning wedding exit photos you will take. Perfect for a traditional couple who wants to do things the good, old-fashioned way – but with a unique twist.

  • Bright Eyes’ First Day of My Life. In many ways, this is going to be the very first day of your life – of a life filled love, commitment and hope! So, this song is more than ideal for a bride and groom who want their wedding exit to be filled with sentimentalism and originality too.

Searching for the perfect DJ and wedding entertainer? Come visit J&M Entertainment and learn more about the amazing services we provide! With us on your side, your wedding is bound to be more than memorable!

Photo source: eschipul

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