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Have fun with confetti on your wedding day

Your wedding ceremony is going to be nothing less than pure magic. The emotions floating in the air, the hope, the amazingness of the wedding vows you will share with each other – these are all unforgettable minutes of your life and they deserve to be treated as such.

Obviously, you will want your wedding ceremony exit to be just as epic as the event itself – but how can you display you ceremony exit confetti in a unique and beautiful way? We have gathered some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Confetti pops. How cute would it be to offer your guests “popsicles” filled with confetti they can just open and toss as you walk out of your wedding ceremony? This idea is completely unique and it is bound to be a huge success with everyone at your Big Day.

  • Spelling out. Find a meaningful word for you (it can be “LOVE” or anything else you may want) and spell it out in confetti, right at the ceremony exit. This way, people can just grab some confetti on their way out and toss them on you for your good luck.

  • Vintage suitcase. Planning a vintage wedding? Infuse your wedding ceremony exit with the same antique, sophisticated vibes! Fill a vintage suitcase with confetti and leave it at the exit from the ceremony site. Guests will surely love the idea!

  • Confetti cones. Keep it simple and playful with confetti cones guests can grab on their way out. For an extra-dash of uniqueness, write a meaningful or fun quote on each confetti cone, or personalize it with your wedding colors.

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Photo source: blavoulondon

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